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AdaChikan Collection

Ada’s skilled artisans create intricate chikankari embroidery designs in unique and beautiful patterns. Each Lucknow Chikankari garment is meticulously crafted by skilled artisans

Mulmul Saree Collection

It can be worn to wedding parties or any festive event, seamlessly blending into your ethnic wear collection. Crafted from high-quality cotton, this saree features intricate block printing, adding to its charm. Its fine quality ensures both comfort and durability. 

Maheshwari Saree Collection

The Maheshwari Suit is a fabric made from a blend of cotton and pure silk, intricately woven with zari or brocade in a wide range of captivating designs. Originating from the town of Maheshwar in Madhya Pradesh, the Maheshwari fabric finds extensive usage in crafting Maheshwari Sarees, as well as in the creation of dupattas and dress material for Salwar Kameez.

Assam Silk Saree Collection

The Assam silk saree is unparalleled when it comes to the richness, luster, and durability of its fabric. The fabric has a luxurious feel akin to modal silk or soft silk, and it is adorned with exquisite hand block prints. The saree showcases traditional bagru and ajrakh designs, enhanced by an attractive border and pallu, making it perfect for weddings, parties, festivals, and evening wear. 

Cotton Saree Collection

The timeless tradition of hand block printing has been skillfully preserved and passed down through generations, representing a truly distinctive art form that enables the creation of exquisite and individualistic masterpieces. This particular saree showcases the charm of traditional hand block printing, which imparts an antique flair to the garment. 

Kota Doria Saree Collection

Kota Doria fabric is crafted by weaving a blend of cotton and silk in a square check pattern. The inclusion of silk lends a radiant shine to the fabric, while cotton provides durability and strength. The name “Kota Doria” originates from its place of origin, Kota in Rajasthan, India. The distinctive feature of Kota Doria fabric is its checked pattern, known as “khat.” 

Linen Saree Collection

The Handblock Linen Printed Women’s saree is designed to provide you with exceptional comfort, desired style, and an elegant appearance, making you fall in love with wearing sarees on every occasion. Made from cotton linen fabric, this saree embodies the essence of Indian culture and holds a special place in every Indian woman’s wardrobe. 

Chanderi silk Saree Collection

This saree offers a perfect blend of style and grace, making it ideal for weddings and festive occasions. Crafted from high-quality Chanderi silk, it features beautiful block printing and a zari border. Chanderi silk is renowned for its delicate appearance and luxurious feel, adding to the overall allure of the saree. 

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